Week 1 Goal Met

Thursday’s cross train was tougher than I expected. 16 min of an work left me with 2 days of everything aching. I had planned to rest Friday and run yesterday but ended up not even walking either day.  Part of it was a work crisis, but mostly I just felt ick.


This is how my brain has been working the past few days. My sense of empowerment is outnumbered!

Two days rest was enough for the nagging nellies in my head to gain control and tell me what a failure I was.

So this morning I decided to shake it off and start over (again). New week, new goal, new chance to do it.

And then I checked my Fitbit and was shocked/thrilled that I had met my weekly goal after all.

img_0340Apparently Fitbit starts the week on Monday, not Sunday. You would think that after 4 years I would know that, but since I’m always willing to think the worst of myself, I guess I forgot.

So despite all the things I had said and thought about myself I had, in fact, met my goal. 3 runs, 1 cross train in the week. So I’m putting The Fierce Queen in my brain back in charge again and sticking Doubt, Fear, Shame, and Despair back in the corner where they belong.


Everyone’s happy when the Queen is happy!


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