To TCS or No?

maybeIt’s February 2, which means I have less than 2 weeks to decide if I want to sign up for the NYC marathon.  I was so excited last year as I trained hard, only to have my hopes and dreams dashed in August. Injury prevented me from making it to the November race and even now, I’m only a few days into running and I’m starting to feel the tightness in the calves.

My head says “no way!” I mean it makes no sense to even think about it. Maybe… maybe I could do a half by the end of the year, but a full marathon?

But then again…

The way it works is this: I deferred last year, but I can’t defer again.  If I sign up and don’t run, I will have paid twice, but I don’t get another chance next year.  If I don’t sign up, the chances of me making the lottery again in a future year is pretty slim.

Look, I know there are other marathons. Probably some really fun ones.  Maybe I could think about them.  But it is kind of hard to give up on the dream all together.

So I think the next 14 days are going to be like the time between buying the Lottery ticket and hearing the numbers drawn. I can dream about what it might be like, plan out a running schedule, and pretend like this even has a chance.

But I’m pretty sure the odds are about as good as winning the lottery.

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