Run Two

I almost didn’t get my run in today.

I was going to run when I first go up, but I woke later than expected and needed to get some emails out by deadline.

Then I was going to run before driving into the city, but I couple of calls for work distracted me.

All this was before 9 am. I finished a meeting at two  (about 45 miles from home) and had a conference call at five. It was tight but I managed to get a run on the treadmill between these two appointments.

I don’t like running in the tread, but it wasn’t quite nice enough weather for an outdoor run.  I really think I could have talked myself out of the run, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Run 2 isn’t as momentous as run 1. It doesn’t have the same gravitas. I think that makes it harde, but you never get to run 5 or run 25 or run 200 if you don’t get through run 2.


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