Getting Back to Long Run Day

long runToday was a “long run” day, my first in a long time. In fact, it’s been almost a month since I was able to do a real long run. I started the year pretty strong. Everything seemed to come together: the weather was mild, I was accepted to the NYC Marathon, I was turning 50. Maybe I got cocky? Maybe I overdid things. Or maybe if it doesn’t always go well, it helps you appreciate it more?

I’m not sure why, but everything seemed to unravel in April:

  • First there was a sick week, where I was battling flu-like symptoms.
  • Then I unexpectedly hurt my back. (The last time I had back pain it turned out there was a cyst growing into my spine. The operation to remove it almost killed me, so I may have overreacted to the back pain a smidgen.)
  • Then there was a work emergency and I was getting only 2 or 3 hours of sleep per day. I say this with a bit of irony because my job isn’t life-or-death and sometimes I feel that these types of emergencies are made up. Be that as it may, I still had to deal with the drama.

In addition:

  • My bf moved in “officially” and hurt his back (much more seriously than I did) in the process.
  • It rained or was cold nearly every day (most of the runs I did get in were in the gym)
  • I had some serious financial setbacks
  • I turned 50 (which was kind of great, but still…)
  • I wasn’t eating well.

For the second year in a row I raised over $300 to protect endangered animals. Plus, I got to run at the zoo!

To top it off, on the last day of the month I ran the Bronx Zoo race (5k) for the second year in a row. I was 2 full minutes slower than my last year’s time.

But looking back now, it wasn’t really as bad as it felt at the time. Sure, I only clocked 75 miles (instead of my goal minimum of 100/month) but that’s on par with what I did last April when I was feeling great. Plus, I did get one long run (10 miles) in, which is farther than anything I was able to run last April.

what happensSometimes I can be really hard on myself, but today I feel pretty good. (I mean I’m sore as hell, but other than that…) April wasn’t my best, but I still kept going. I’ve re-adjusted my training schedule and had some pretty great runs this week. I’m learning from my setbacks and moving forward.

And I really, really love my long-run-days!



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