A Time to Blog

It occurred to me today, as I struggled on the last two miles of an 8 mile run that I might need to start blogging again if I want to make it to my marathon. I’ve had some setbacks in my training and yesterday I barely made it through a 5 mile run (and ended up crying after). Today I managed 8 miles (and no tears) but I’m a long, long way from 26.

When I trained for my half marathon, my blog was a key part of my program. It was a place where I explored the emotions of my journey. I need to remind myself of why I’m doing this, what I want for myself, and what I’m getting out of this. I’m starting to recognize my writing here as a key component of the process.

I’ll get to the saga of illness, injury, and personal stresses in a future post. Today I’m just breaking the ice, dusting off the keyboard (so to speak) and making a commitment to myself to squeeze in a blog post now and then. I’m shooting for 3 per week but we will see.


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