Set Good Goals

34 weeksI never realized the importance of goals, until I didn’t have any.

In a few past posts I’ve discussed a time in my life when my world fell instantly and irreparably apart.  In some ways I will always be healing from that time.

goalOne of the things that was so devastating was that everything I thought I was working towards was instantly taken away from me. I lived for more than three years without any goals at all. (Unless you count getting through the day a goal, which, I guess it was.)

I was spinning out of control without goals.

When I started to heal, I also started to make new goals. At first they were very small goals. In 2011, for example, I wrote down these three goals:

  1. I will walk two times per week or more. Any length walk will count.
  2. I will enter some type of race or walkathon to celebrate my new activity.
  3. I will continue to blog about my life, paying more attention to the Wins than the Fails.

Click this image to learn more about writing goals.

I didn’t reach any one of them in 2011.

Except I have reached all of them. Eventually. It may have taken me a lot longer to get the strength I needed, but I did achieve these amazingly simple and yet insurmountable goals.  And I continued to make new goals.

Here are some of the current goals I’m working towards:

• On September 13th I will complete a half-marathon in less than 3 hours.
In 2015 I will run 1,000 miles.
• Before my 50th birthday I will post 40 things I’ve learned in my 40’s.

I also have some family, education, and career goals, that are shared in different places and with different people. What are your goals?


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