Too Sick To Run

May has been an amazing running month for me, up until about four days ago. I was running more days per week, longer runs, and (best of all) feeling better after each run. Up until Tuesday, when my so-called “easy” five-mile run nearly killed me. I pushed through the full five miles, but at the end I felt so ragged and sore.

My internal monologue was not very kind. “You’re too old to be running this much. You’re overdoing it. You’re never going to be able to make your goals.”

This time, being sick means I shared bacteria with someone along the way - eww!

This time, being sick means I shared bacteria with someone along the way – eww!

Tuesday night I had a very bad night. Everything ached and ached. I took a bunch of ibuprofen and debated with myself about my planned interval run on Wednesday run. Should I cancel completely? Should I try just an easy short run?

By late afternoon it wasn’t really a debate. I felt sick; my head pounded, my throat felt sore, and my body ached. I decided to skip the run and not even do any walking. It started to occur to me that it might be more than over-tired. I might be fighting off sickness and the best thing I could do for my body would be to rest. I took my temperature, but it was normal.

By the next morning I felt worse… much worse. Went to the doctor who confirmed it. Definitely sick. It was eventually confirmed to be strep (don’t worry, you can’t catch it from reading my blog). So now I’m on antibiotics, but not the good kind, because I’m highly allergic to penicillin and cephalosporins.  And I still feel really sick.

This pic is from my last beach run, Columbus Day weekend last year!

This pic is from my last beach run, Columbus Day weekend last year!

This is a terrible time to get sick. I was supposed to spend the long weekend on Fire Island (my happy place). Sun, beach, sand; everything regenerative for me. It was going to bolster me with Vitamin C and fresh air. I do my best runs on the boardwalk and even though the farthest I can run before hitting sand is about 2 miles, it is the best two miles anywhere. I was even going to see if I could run in sand, something I couldn’t do a year ago.

And I’m frustrated about my training schedule. I have it all planned out in my head, how much I’m going to run each week and… Even typing this out, I feel foolish. Obviously if I’m sick I have to readjust my training schedule.

I need time to heal. Once I feel better (which right now seems waaaay off) I’ll have to build up slowly again, I’m sure. The last time I took this much time off (when I was sick in February) it took me several weeks to get back to where I was. And I have to give myself permission to do this. Which might be easier if I felt better.


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