Race Day

race bibsThis morning I got up early, drove out to the beach with my niece, and ran along the boardwalk as fast as I could for 3.1 miles. Coincidentally, so did about 350 other people at the same time. It was a 5K race, my second so far this year and my fourth race ever.

I’ve been running only a few years now, but I’m from a running family.  Everyone runs, everyone races. I resisted the races for a while – I’m not competitive, I said. I’d rather run alone, I said. But last year my job offered an incentive: complete 3 “health related” activities during the year and save on your annual health insurance contributions.

So last year I did the MS walk, with my sister-in-law and her family (I’m not going to get to walk this year, because I have a wedding, but you can still donate). And I donated blood to the NY Blood Center (Got to do that again). And, I ran my first race with my mom. And surprise, surprise, I loved it. I was nervous, but it really pushed me in a way that running on my own just can’t match.

So a few months later I did a second run in November, just for fun. It was freezing, but a short 4K and also fun. A few weeks ago I did a 5K at the Bronx Zoo. This was more fund-raiser than competitive run (I raise $375 to protect gorillas), but it was so cool running around the zoo.  And today I ran with my niece (a super track star, no less) to raise money for the Postpartum Resource Center of New York.clothes shoppingI pushed myself pretty hard and felt like it was a great run. I’m pleased to say that I ran with an excellent (for me) time – 30:09.

Shorter races are great for working on pace, so I’m going to run a few more over the next months. I’m also looking for a good 10K because while I’m training for the half, 5K is just not far enough. Plus, I love that they give you a t-shirt.


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