Dusting Off My Blog

skunkdustingIt is time to dust off my blog again.

I’ve had this blog since 2010, but if you look at my archives I have periods where I write a lot and periods where I write very little. 2014 was my most prolific year, and this blog really helped me regroup and rethink.  I changed by eating habits, my workout habits, and most importantly, my habits of mind.  I stopped thinking about losing weight, and focused instead on gaining back pieces of myself:  my self-esteem, my courage, my power, my health.

You may think that when I stopped blogging I regressed back to my old life and my old habits, but that is not the case. I have been really good about focusing on me and not letting bad habits creep back in. I stick to my “cold turkey” food plan that helped me control my food addictions. I wear my fitbit religiously and try to get my 8,000 steps daily. And most importantly, I work daily on learning to love and care for myself. The only thing was, I had gotten so good at it, I didn’t really need this blog anymore.

But now I’m starting a new challenge, and on days like today, I really need some support.

Last year (2014) my goal was to walk 3,000,000 steps, which I accomplished and then some! This year, I have two separate goals. One is to run a half marathon (I am planning on doing the Suffolk County Half Marathon in September) and the other is to run 1,000 miles this year.

achieving-goalsThe first goal I feel pretty good about.I’ve already started my training, running longer distances and I barring an unforeseen illness or injury, I should be able to accomplish this one. The only question will be how fast I will do it and if I will be able to run the whole distance.

The second goal seems a bit far-fetched. Last year I only ran about 445 miles, so I’m effectively doubling that. The good news is that I’ve already run 220 miles this year. The bad news is, we are already 4 months into the year and I’m only 1/4 of the way towards my goal.

So I’m coming back to my blog, which has always been a great comfort and support in helping me meet my challenges, deal with my disappointments, and focus on what is important.  Having said that, I’m going to publish this post, put on some running clothes, and get myself outside.