Obligatory Step Update

Another successful month moving towards my step goal of 3,000,000 steps. I took the opportunity to read some of my older monthly posts (like Feb and March) and it was amazing to see how far I’ve come. At the beginning of the year, 3,000,000 steps seemed almost impossible. Now, barring some catastrophe, it seems like a foregone conclusion.

sepsnapshotEven though I could take it easy, now I’m pushing myself to see how quickly I can get to three million steps. Will I do it by the beginning of December? The middle of November? September was pretty consistent with August. I had 27 days with over 8,000 steps. Of those, 18 days were over 10,000 steps and 5 days were over 14,000 steps. My best day was September 20, with 21,640 steps, which was also the day I ran my first 5k race. FYI. That’s a lot of walking in addition to the 3.1 miles I ran that day.

I felt like I ran a lot more, but I actually ran 49 miles, the same as August. My personal monthly goal was 55 miles, but I fell short. Still, I’ve made a lot of progress, so I can’t feel too badly. My best running distance for the month (and ever) was 6.25 (10K) on September 13th. I’ve also been thinking about doing more long runs, like possibly a 10 mile race or even a half marathon.


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