100 Crazy People

100 badgeThe title should read, 100 people, crazy! but I thought I’d attract more attention this way.

In April I earned my first WordPress badge. Apparently 50 people had liked what I wrote enough to “follow” my blog. I was nonplussed (I’m using the traditional meaning of the word). I couldn’t believe that many people cared about what I was writing.

Imagine how much more bewildered I am today when I find that in just 5 short months I’ve doubled that number!  Now I know how the Internet works. Just because someone clicks the follow button doesn’t mean they are faithfully reading every post, but I know some are. Some days 5 or 6 people check in, other days 15 or

Over the past 5 months I’ve gotten comments, tweets, and emails thanking me, giving me additional advice and guidance, arguing with me, and providing general support. I am especially thankful to some of my most loyal followers who not only read my posts, but write their own blogs, making me feel like part of a very special community.

I cannot overemphasize how important it has been for me to have this forum, to be accountable, to struggle with my new ideas, to share my outrage and my successes.  If people didn’t read what I wrote, it wouldn’t have the same impact, so thank you, thank you!


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