My beautiful girl - ready for her photo shoot!

My beautiful girl – ready for her photo shoot! (Don’t look, you can almost see me reflected in the window)

Yesterday I got to do something totally fun and unexpected. And it was only because I’m the mother of a beautiful, fragile girl that I got this experience.

Of course I follow the fabulous Jess Baker and her blog, the Militant Baker. I’ve even linked to her once or twice on my blog, I’m sure. Jess (I can call her that now; we hugged) has an honest, no-nonsense, no-shame approach to self-love that I aspire to. If I’m a work in progress, than Jess is the real deal.

So when I saw that she was holding a casting call at ModCloth in NYC I thought “I’d really love to meet her in person.” But I don’t have any desire to have my picture plastered all over the Internet, so what was the point? Luckily for me, I know someone who would love an opportunity like that. When I suggested to my daughter that we go and she get her pic taken by a professional photographer, she got very excited. Luckily, I was working in Brooklyn that day, and it wasn’t too far of a hop from Brooklyn to downtown NYC. We decided she would tag along with me to work and then jump over the Manhattan bridge afterwards.

photoshoot1It was a fabulous experience. Everyone at ModCloth was so welcoming and kind. They are a very interesting company, helping indie designers get their start. Not all the clothes are available in plus sizes, but many are, and there are some beautiful ones.

My girl also got to feel like a professional model. They told her how to pose and she did just great. I’m sure no one knew she was autistic, the way she addressed everyone and shook hands and responded to questions. And, yes, I might be her mother, but her smile just lights up a room. I am so proud of her and how far she has come. I wish I were half as brave as she is.

Everyone thought I was a great mom for bringing her to the shoot. I didn’t let them know she was my excuse to meet Jess Baker. (Yes, there was a selfie involved, but that’s posted on my Facebook.)

Here is one of the professional pics of my girl. How beautiful is she!

Here is one of the professional pics of my girl. How beautiful is she!

I got to tell Jess how important what she is writing about is to me.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am now without the advice from her (and a very few others). Before I could start to face my addictions and focus on being healthier, I had to learn to love and accept myself. It’s been a long struggle, but I’m learning how to treat myself as if I love me. That’s a pretty bold step. I don’t diet because why would I torture someone I love? Instead, I nourish myself and give myself permission to take care of myself. I treat myself to things (food and nonfood) that I deserve. All of that started by the radical idea that I’m worth it.

The theme of the photo-shoot was #fashiontruth, so here are a few of my own fashion truths:

  • Spandex is for everyone. If I could live in Spandex all the time, I would.
  • High heels are from the devil.
  • Bare arms (sleeveless) are empowering.
  • Everything looks better in purple.
  • The size I wear doesn’t reveal my value or worth.
  • If it makes you feel pretty, it is worth the price.

What is your #fashiontruth?



10 thoughts on “#fashiontruth

  1. Love your truths, and I’m so jealous!

    My fashion truths are
    – Yoga Pants are awesome for everyone, find your perfect pair
    – Sleeveless and Fearless!
    – If you love it, wear it
    – There are no fashion rules
    – When in doubts, wear your favorite color (you have everything in purple, I have everything in green).

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      • I had actually seen the line “sleeveless and fearless” on some fat acceptance art before and liked it, and then in response to a Militant Baker article a few years back made it my battle cry. I encouraged others to do the same and made a big facebook post about it, it was to the point that when people I knew saw me sleeveless they would comment “sleeveless and fearless” and my example helped others get the courage to do the same. It was really weird and wonderful to have that happen.

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  2. Your daughter is gorgeous!! My fashion truths:
    – for every butt the perfect pair of jeans
    – heels (in my world) make me feel thinner, stronger and sexy
    – winning is in personality
    – and most importantly if my little say I look good, I know I must

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  3. Those are really great pictures, your daughter looks great in them!
    My fashion truths…
    -Looking good doesn’t mean looking thinner
    -Even clothing that is hidden can make you feel sexier and more confident
    -Screw what other people think
    -You don’t have to be all girly or all butch
    -Comfortable, casual clothes can feel just as sexy (or maybe even more) than fancy special occasion clothes.

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