Okay, okay, here it is!

I have been feeling guilty for about a week for not posting my July step challenge update. It isn’t that people have been clamoring for it, but I said I would post monthly and I should stick to that. With the month more than halfway gone (seriously, how fast did the summer go) I really have run out of excuses.

activityJulyIt isn’t as if my July steps were bad and I don’t want to admit it. Actually I was just fine. Not my top month, but definitely met and exceeded my goal. I walked almost 317,000 steps which averages over 10,000 per day. (Definitely a win). I ran 42 miles, my best yet. My runs are getting longer, so I’m hoping to do even better in August.

My best day was July 18, where I took over 21,000 steps. That was the day I ran 6 miles for the first time, a huge personal accomplishment. I had 24 out of 31 days where I walked over 8,000 steps, 19 days with over 10,000 steps, and 5 days with over 14,000 steps.

stepsjulyThere were definitely a few days I didn’t do my steps last month. (July 20-22 I only did 6,000 steps total). And not for any good reason (like illness, injury, or personal commitments) but because I just didn’t feel like it. (Awful excuse) I know for a fact that without my personal challenge goal and knowing that eventually I was going to have to post my results on this blog, those couple of days may have spread to a couple of weeks. After three slothful days it took a heck-of-a-lot of resolve to lace up my shoes again, but I did it, and with a vengeance. I’ve had some of my best runs every the past two weeks.

One thing I’m really excited about is that I’m going to hit 2,000,000 steps in August (probably in the next couple of days, if I work it). It was such a struggle to get to the first 1,000,000 steps, but second million seemed to come up much faster.


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