The Shame Game

First, read this lovely blog post:

Unashamedly, Unapologetically FAT – a response to Linda Kelsey.

If you want more on this topic, read Dances with Fat: Unapologetically Fat

selfloveBoth authors do a great job at refuting an utterly shamefully article written by Linda Kelsey. I’m not linking to the original article, because I don’t promote hate. If you choose to read the original, be warned. It is ghastly and upsetting.

Linda’s original article is  so out of touch with reality that at first I thought it was satire. Her shock that three women would have the nerve to share a bag of crisps was so outrageous that I laughed before realizing she wasn’t kidding.  The biggest crock is that she thinks shaming fat people will make them not want to be fat any more and that she is being brave to say what no one wants to say. Sorry, Linda. Everyone says what you say. They are just wrong.

There is so much evidence that diets don’t work and that yo-yo dieting is more harmful to health than fat. There is no evidence that says making people feel bad about themselves improves their quality of life.



2 thoughts on “The Shame Game

  1. Most of us that have some weight to lose are fully aware of it. Most of us are not “proud” of it. Why someone thinks they need to comment/shame or otherwise say something… anything at all… is beyond me.


  2. I am fat and always will be. I don’t have to justify my fatness to anyone, let alone this fat shammer. I am proud of my body, because it is mine. I love my body (some days not as much, but I’m working on it) and I will flaunt it. I will eat what I choose to eat, and live how I choose to live. When people think they can shame or tell others how to live their lives is when I get upset, and I’d just love to meet her in person some day.


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