1.5 Million and Counting

So in June I hit a milestone in my 3,000,000 step challenge: I have walked over 1.5 million steps so far this year. This puts me solidly halfway to my goal, with half the year gone. There were times I wondered if I was going to make it, but now that I’m halfway there, I feel pretty confident.  May, of course, was my turn around month, and I didn’t quite do as many steps in June as I did in May, but I came pretty close and easily bested my 250,000 steps per month goal:

june steps

I walked over 330,000 steps, which averages to 11,000 steps per day.  This is equivalent to 150 miles.  Of these, I only ran 30 miles which is less than the last two months. I’m not sure why that happened, because I felt like I was running farther, but I guess not as frequently. My best day was June 10. I took over 19,000 steps that day. I had 25 days where I walked over 8,000 steps, 20 of which I walked over 10,000 and had a record 7 days with over 14,000 steps. All good.



I wish I could run a report to see how many of these days I did the bulk of my steps after 10 pm, because I’m pretty sure that there must be at least 10-15 days that I didn’t even get to my steps until the wee hours. Sometimes it was family obligations that kept me busy. Other times it was work that kept me sedentary until I could finally break away. More frequently it was the combination of the two. If I didn’t have this goal in mind, there would have been plenty of opportunities to see “Screw it” and not bother with walking or running. Knowing I have to report my monthly progress, and the inner desire to meet a challenge I set for myself kept me motivated. And most of the time, once I got out there I was glad I did.

Other people are working towards running races or marathons or single day events, but my goal works for me. I know that come December, I’m going to want to see my 3,000,000 steps behind me.


5 thoughts on “1.5 Million and Counting

  1. Just found your blog and have found a kindred spirit! I am at the beginning of my journey. Going to check out the fitbit right now. Way to go!


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