Body Positive Video

Love, love, love this video that a friend posted on my FB.  As I get closer and closer to 50 I have to face up to how my body has been changing. I’m healthier now than I have ever been in my life. Even at my thinnest, I could never have run 4 or 5 miles. Even in my teen years I never ate this well or felt this strong. At the same time, there are lines in my face that were never there before, and as I lose weight my skin doesn’t bounce back the way it once might have. But I actually like how these things look on me.  I feel like the survivor that I am, something I never had a sense of in my younger life.

I’ve seen a few  other body positive YouTube videos over the past couple weeks, but haven’t posted them for one reason or another. For example, Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, which is cute and catchy, but I feel has some negative “anti-skinny” sentiments. It is just as wrong for women of size to put down women of smaller sizes as is the reverse. The Militant Baker says it best, “Bodies rest at different weights naturally; some of us are small and some are large. Simply a fact of life…the harm comes from thinking that they must to be found worthy and the journey that follows. The journey paved with failure, self loathing, perceived inadequacy and more.”

Donnalou Steven’s Older Ladies  is different, in my opinion, because it never puts down the opposite. Instead, it celebrates our bodies changing due to age, something we all have to deal with at some point. I love how many different bodies she has in her videos, and how lovely they all are.  Throughout the song she celebrates the features that make her who she is now (grey hair, chicken neck, saggy skin) and actually loves those features on herself without taking away from who she was in a younger version. I also just love the repeating verse, “If that’s the reason that you don’t love me then maybe that’s not love!”


I just found this lovely cover of Meghan Trainor’s video. Ok, so the recording is a little shaky and the tempo just a bit slow, but the young lady has a lovely voice and she really cleans up the lyrics beautifully. (See Meghan, it wasn’t so hard). I also love her responses to the negative comments that of course she received. She is respectful and calm, but maintains her position. Nice work!


3 thoughts on “Body Positive Video

  1. I had the same thoughts about All About that Bass, while it’s catchy and fun, lets not elevate ourselves by putting others down, that is never ok. Also, I love how it’s a pretty thin woman calling out skinny bitches, no you’re not a size 2 Meagan, but you’re not a 24 either, so lets have some perspective about your privilege.

    I love this video you linked here because they look like a bunch of friends having fun and not caring at all about beauty standards or age, and celebrating their beauty inside and out.


  2. All About that Bass could be such a great song, if only they changed a few lines. Also, LOL about your comments about Meagan. 🙂 She is pretty much the body size I aspire to be. You know, if I didn’t love my own body so damn much. 🙂


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