Belated Step Challenge Update

I have to work, parent, clean, cook, & work out. On any given day I can pull off 2 of these (3 on a good day). #reasonstorun skip cleaning.

Blogging doesn’t even make the list.

If you are wondering where I have been the past two weeks, it is nothing serious. I have been inundated with work and just didn’t have time to blog.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been running and eating healthy, but I just haven’t been able to squeeze everything into my day the way I want. I can’t tell you how many times I walked or ran between 10 pm and midnight just to get my daily steps in before collapsing.  Likewise, how many days I woke at 4 am just to get my work emails or reports done before starting my regular workday.  In fact, even though it is Sunday, I should be working on my handouts for tomorrow’s presentation, not writing my blog.

Although I have several posts composed in my head that I want to write, I feel compelled to use this time to update my monthly step-challenge progress. Even though I am a week late with this update, I am excited to share my results. I’ve really been struggling with my challenge the last few months, but May was definitely a turn-around time for me.  The weather, of course, had a lot to do with it. It is much easier to talk yourself into a run or long walk when you have clear, sunny skies and a warm breeze.  But there were other contributing factors, such as spending the weekend at Fire Island with miles of boardwalk, feeling really good about where I am at work (even though the last two weeks have been time-consuming they have also been very rewarding), and having my sister from Canada stay with me for two weeks (best therapy ever!).

So when I finally ran the numbers for May I wasn’t surprised to see that it was my best month of the year. I was surprised at how well I did.  For those keeping score, I’m trying to walk/run 3,000,000 steps in 2014.  Mathematically this means I need to take 250,000 steps per month. Well, I crushed that number in May! Crushed it!



I walked nearly 350,000 steps, almost 100,000 over my monthly goal.  This is equivalent to 159 miles.  Of these, I ran 34.5 miles which is about the same as what I did in April. My running stayed about the same, but my walking was crazy good. May 25 was my best day, both for the month and the year. I walked 22, 369 steps that day. My previous high day was 14,000 steps. In May, I went over 14,000 steps 5 times. I had 26 days out of 31 that I walked over 8,000 and 22 of those I went over 10,000 steps.


For the first time since January I feel confident that I can make, and maybe even exceed my step goal.  I know I have a long way to go yet (about 1,800,000 as of June 1) and I haven’t made up the shortfall from February and March, but I am much closer. And with the beautiful weather, beaches, and boardwalks beckoning me, how can the next three months not be my best ever?



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