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So I saw this pic that went viral last week and I really liked the whole concept. But I didn’t pursue it. So today, I saw that the woman in the photograph is starting a kickstarted campaign to create a documentary about body image. Now there are so many kick-starters now on this topic, but it looks like she is going to make her goal, which is fantastic.

One of the questions she asks women in the video for her kickstarter is “What is one word that describes your body?”  And it is just heart-wrenching to watch woman after woman answer this question: fat, wobbly, fat, disgusting, imperfect, gross. I probably would have answered the same way just a few months ago. But right now I don’t think I would.

I was out running today and I was wearing my new running clothes, which consist of spandex capri pants and active t-shirt. Because I ponder a lot of things when I run I was thinking about how my family reacted when I first showed up in that outfit. People were saying how great I looked, how they can’t believe the transformation over the past six months. Then I was wondering what strangers saw when they see me. In my mind I imagine they are wondering what I am thinking wearing such tight-fitting clothes.

Coincidently, The Militant Baker posted today about this very issue. In her I Wear What I Want post, she extolls the virtues of wearing clothes formerly thought of to be “off-limits” and how this empowers her.

I remember the first time my mother convinced me to buy spandex running pants. She pushed and pushed, swearing it would be fine. It was mortifying because I couldn’t find anything in my size and had to buy men’s pants. (I later found compression pants at Old Navy). When I wore them running for the first time I felt practically naked. I had never word anything like that in public. I really only did it to get my mother to shut up about it. And then I ran in them.

Some days this is me. Some days, not so much, but I'm working towards it!

Some days this is me. Some days, not so much, but I’m working towards it!

Wow. I couldn’t believe the difference a pair of pants could make. No more chaffing. No more worrying if they would slip off during my run. They felt great. And over time, I felt great in them. I started wearing them to the gym as well as on runs. I remember the first time I ran into a store wearing them, after a run. I was embarrassed, at first, but eventually got over it. Now, I feel great in my spandex. It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel powerful. It makes me feel like an athlete. And I really don’t care what anyone else thinks, to tell you the truth.

So, what is one word I would use to describe my body?




9 thoughts on “Describe Your Body in One Word

  1. Reblogged this on Aware of Awareness and commented:
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I watched the trailer and it looks great. The only thing that makes me sad is that there are no women of color featured in any of the images. That’s quite a shame and I hope the final documentary is more diverse than the way the project is being pitched now.


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  3. Reblogged this on The Jenn Experience and commented:
    It took awhile for me to be comfortable in spandex and anything that hugs all my curves because of how it looked and what people might say. After weeks of wearing appropriate gym clothes, I felt better about myself because I was performing better – no longer stopping in the middle of a run or workout to pull up my sweats or putting my earbuds back in after my oversized shirt snags it out of my ears – and I started to see results and loving the extra energy it gave me.

    The video included in this post touched on how I felt about my body and after I accepted my body – whether I decided to start working out or not – I started to love myself more. My opinion is the only opinion that realllly counts, only I can determine what makes me happy.

    Thanks for sharing the kickstarter and your experience (thank goodness for your mom pushing you :))

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  4. ‘Nothing feels as good as FIT feels’ ,when I run I feel strong and invincible , I don’t care if other runners fly past me. Whatever you’re wearing or look like, know that most of your friends couldn’t make it to the end of the road ! Proper running gear feels great that’s what counts. I’m contemplating a pair of running shorts…god forbid I wouldn’t have done that 5 years ago. Long live lycra. If you feel great in it, you’ll look great.


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