One-Third There: 1,000,000 Steps and Counting

Today I hit 1,000,000 steps since January 1. I am two weeks behind my goal, but it is still a huge accomplishment. Today I walked the MS Walk and it made me think how lucky I am to this wonderful body that lets me walk, run, and more. My knees and ankles might twinge now and then, but I am strong and getting stronger. How great is that?


One-Third There: 1,000,000 Steps and Counting

2 thoughts on “One-Third There: 1,000,000 Steps and Counting

  1. That is AWESOME! 1 million steps!!!! I’ve done a walk before, while my sister was ill, and it’s humbling to see the support from thousands of participants. It’s a great cause. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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