Did you notice that Twitter is changing its look and layout? Maybe it happened weeks ago, but I just noticed it today. So I was updating my pictures and I realized I’ve been using the same avatar since I first set up my Twitter account in 2008. And when I started this blog in 2010, I just carried it over. The problem is, the feet looking at the scale doesn’t really reflect who I am today. Yes, I track my weight, but that is such a small part of the whole picture.

So I asked my artist-in-residence, @nuchtchas, to make some recommendations of what she thought I should switch it to, and she came up with this totally awesome pic, which I have already uploaded everywhere after making some Woo Hoo noises.

My New (Definitely Improved) Avatar

Check it out!

Be jealous!


My New (Definitely Improved) Avatar

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