I Literally Forgot To Stop Running

So last night I was going to post about how hard it is for me to find time to run, and how I end up running in the dark so often. At least that was what I was thinking about while I was running. And then something strange happened.  I realized that I had forgotten to stop running. I mean literally….

bwimgaeI’m not even sure how it happened. I have this route that I run. There is about a quarter-mile stretch that is along a busy road and there is one busy street I have to cross before I get to the private, quiet lake area.  I usually walk this stretch, both for safety, and because it is good to warm up and cool down with a walk. Once I get to “the lakes” there are different routes I can take that give me anywhere from 1.5 miles up to 5 miles (if I go up and down the canals.).

So let me go back to the beginning. Originally I was planning on a mid-day run. My new job is much (much) more sedentary than my old one and I thought I should get into the habit of running instead of lunch on days I work from home.  FYI, I don’t mean instead of eating. I still think a protein rich lunch is important. I just meant that as the weather gets nicer, I need to get myself up and away from my desk for a portion of the day.

With one thing and another, the first time I could break away from my computer was around 2:30. I got into running clothes ready to go, when I got an email… with an “emergency”… that took so long that I didn’t have time to run before my upcoming conference call… that lead to two urgent requests… that reminded me I had something I needed to finish before the weekend… Next thing I know it is 7:30. (This happens to me so often, I can’t even tell you.) So, I have to drive my daughter somewhere at 8, but here I am, still dressed in spandex, ready for my run. So once again I’m going to run in the dark.

And I am really not in the mood.  Sitting at my desk all day really saps all my energy and motivation. But I talk myself into. Just run 1.25 I tell myself. Just to get the blood pumping. You’ll thank me for it later.

And the truth is, I did feel better once I was on the road.  I decided about halfway out that I could do 2 miles after all.  I haven’t run 2 miles since before I got sick earlier this month, but it was 48 degrees, the roads were clear of ice, I’m not hacking up phlegm.  So I adjusted my route to accommodate the mileage. Now here is where things get screwy…

Can't Stop - What strange mesmeric powers do you have?

Can’t Stop – What strange mesmeric powers do you have?

I got to my 2.0 miles and my MapMyRun announced it, just so I wouldn’t miss it, but I wasn’t up to the busy street yet and I thought, I still feel okay, I’ll just run to the stop sign. The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song “Cant Stop” came on Pandora and I used the song to push through and then… and then… the next thing I knew I was at my house, still running. I don’t remember the last half mile. I don’t remember crossing the busy street. Boom, there I was. (I hope I checked for traffic!)

And I didn’t feel so bad. I wasn’t going very fast, but I had come farther than I had in a while. And I felt like I could keep going. So I did.  I ended up running 3.1 and then walking a quarter-mile. It wasn’t a very fast run, and the last mile was probably not much faster than a walk, but it was such a weird experience. What’s next?


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