Jello Shots

Single Serving - Create your own.

Single Serving – Create your own.

Once upon a time I had a Weight Watcher leader, who I adored, who told me (well the whole group) that you could control your eating by focusing on Unit Foods. That is, foods already portioned out for you. Yogurt is a unit food. You eat one container. An egg is a unit food.  An ice cream pop is, but ice cream in a tub isn’t. If you are having trouble with portions, unit foods are so helpful. This is why I portion out my rice and beans and my almonds at the beginning of the week. This is why I buy the single-servings of hummus, even though it costs a bit more than buying a big tub of hummus. Unfortunately, not everything comes in single-servings.

I’ve been looking for a good way to portion out my sauces, condiments, and other small servings while on the go. For almonds it was easy: I use mini Ziploc® bags, and since I reuse them over and over, it isn’t that expensive. But plastic bags don’t really work with anything liquid or semi-liquid. Imagine teriyaki sauce in a bag? I think not.

So I wanted to get those small, 2-oz tubs they use at restaurants for salad dressing and butter. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find them. Finally, I did a search on Amazon. After a lot of false starts, I finally found my solution. I realized I was looking for the wrong thing. According to Amazon, these are Jello Shot Cups. It was less than $8 for 125. Of course I wash and reuse them when possible, but when not, I toss them.

I just love them. I can put anything in them and know my portions are correct.  Even if I just want 1 or 2 tbs, I can portion it out and take it with me. When I bring my rice and beans, I put one of these in the Tupperware. Sometimes I use hot sauce. Sometimes vodka sauce. Sometime soy or teriyaki sauce. So many choices.  They travel great and they keep me in charge of my portions.


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