On The Go

My view from the patio

My view from the patio

In my business we always talk about solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Those are important words for discussing life habits as well. If the changes you make only work when your life follows a predictable path, than it’s not going to work because, you know, life happens!

So the past few days I’ve been on the road. It was great. I was able to combine a work trip and personal time.  Thursday and Friday I was in (very, very) upstate NY for work, and then I was able to scoot over to Vermont to stay with a childhood friend I haven’t seen in forever. I took the train so I could bring my daughter along. We had a blast. Traveling together was fun because we had plenty of time to talk about everything. My time with my friend out in the rural-ist of Vermont was so good.

But traveling, while on any kind of food plan is a challenge.  What to eat on the Road? Will there be time to exercise? While on the road you are at the mercy of restaurants and fast-food joints. While staying with friends you have to accommodate to how they eat.

On top of all this, my daughter has been trying to eat healthier. Her goals are not my goals, and she isn’t following my plan per se, but I’m learning that that is her journey and not mine. Either way, I want to be a good role model and help her meet her goals. Unlike me, she doesn’t have my 40+ years of reading labels, learning about nutrition, etc. to help her make the best decisions.

Healthy food on the go!

Healthy food on the go!

I decided that rather be at the mercy of the road and the fates, I would prepare for my trip as best I can. We took two suitcases for our journey. The large one was filled with clothes, shoes, and essential personal hygiene products.  The other, smaller, one was a food trunk. It included:

  • Tupperware filled with portions of brown rice & beans.
  • Apples (both whole and sliced)
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Individual servings of peanut butter (not for me, of course)
  • Mini-bags of almonds
  • Canned soup (chicken & wild rice)
  • Slim Fast drinks (also not for me)
  • Individual servings Hummus
  • Plastic-ware and napkins

Our goal was to eat out when it made sense, but to have backups when we needed them. Yogurt wouldn’t travel well, I figured, but I thought we would be able to pick up yogurt along the way. I was partially right. In Vermont we had access to Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, which I liked, even though it was very watery compared to the Fage Greek Yogurt I’ve been eating. However, at the hotel in NY I grabbed one of the regular yogurts at the breakfast bar and couldn’t eat more than two bites. When you are used to unflavored yogurt, that stuff with syrup in it tastes horrific. I thought it would be a sweet treat, but it really made me gag.

We did have some luck in the eating out department. Penn station, for example, has a quinoa bar at Chickpea and they created some really nice, hot lunches for us on the way up. We stopped at a no-name country diner for dinner the first night and I had this seared fish that was great. Also, the waitress figured out to keep away rolls, potatoes, and deserts, and gave us extra veggies. While staying with my friend, I was pleased that there wasn’t a lot I couldn’t eat. Her daughter is gluten-free, and they mostly eat organic, so it was pretty easy-going. My daughter didn’t like everything she made, but there were no complaints, because she always had the food trunk if she didn’t like what was being served. On the ride down, we found a place that made homemade chili. We split a serving of it and mixed it into our cold rice and beans. Soooooo good.

As for exercise, it was kind of a mixed bag.  There was a lot of time on the road, so no running there. Also, when we got to Vermont, it was seriously covered in snow. Instead of running, I got to go snowshoeing for the first time. It was definitely a workout, and so much fun.

So, I have two more business trips coming up in the near future. One on my birthday even. I’m looking at what worked and what didn’t, what traveled well, etc. and incorporating that into my plans.



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