Where Would You Live?

Hooray. The boardwalk to the lighthouse has been fixed. (After being destroyed in Hurricane Sandy)

Hooray. The boardwalk to the lighthouse has been fixed. (After being destroyed in Hurricane Sandy)

The other night at dinner, the question was asked, If you could live anywhere in the country, where would you live.  One guy was from Florida. Another from Syracuse, NY. The other two lived right in Manhattan.  They talked about a lot of nice places, like San Diego, Tucson, and Hawaii. I’m sure they are all nice places.

I said, I would never leave Long Island. They looked at me like I was crazy. Who would pick Long Island out of anywhere in the country? What about the winters? they asked. Yes, it is true, this has been a particularly unpleasant winter. But Long Islander’s know that this winter is not the norm, and even as “bad” as this winter was, it wasn’t terrible. Normally we don’t have particularly cold harsh winters.  We get a few, scattered snowstorms and then the snow usually melts.  Most of the time it stays in the 30 degree range. It was unusual this year to have so many days in the 20’s and teens.  But it wasn’t like we were the mid-west, with temperatures below freezing.

The newly replaced boardwalk.

And what about summers. Most of the time our summers are mild too. 80 degrees is the norm. Occasionally it will climb into the 90s for a heat wave, but it rarely gets over a 100 degrees.  Sure there are some places with nicer weather (I guess), but what I really love is the spring and the fall.  Temperatures like yesterday, for example in the high 50s, low 60s. A nice breeze blowing, but not too cold.  Where the world seems fresh and new again.

And then there is the beach.  I know some people who only go to the beach in July and August. I feel bad for those people. Yesterday I did my workout (I’m still just walking) at the beach. It was sunny and beautiful. There were deer and seagulls everywhere. People had on sweaters, but no winter coats.  After I walked about a mile at a brisk pace, I took off my sweater and was comfortable in short sleeves.  (As soon as I stopped walking I had to put the sweater right back on!)

Sand in my shoes - worth it!

Sand in my shoes – worth it!

I did about 4 miles overall. 3 miles at a brisk pace and another mile more slowly so I could enjoy the scenery and take pictures. It didn’t feel like 4 miles at all. It didn’t even feel like exercise. It was beautiful and made me feel happy.

I struggle walking in sand because I have really bad ankles, but there are lots of boardwalks at the beach I go to. Many of them were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, but I’m happy to report that most of them have been replaced. They still have a bit to go, but I was able to walk 1.5 miles without having to retrace my steps (which I hate) or trudging through sand. This is a .75 mile improvement over last year, so I was thrilled.

So, you can tell me where would you like to live, but as long as I can afford to live this close to paradise, I’m not going anywhere.


3 thoughts on “Where Would You Live?

  1. My idea of paradise = close to the beach, so I think you have that nailed! My Fahrenheit – Celsius calculations are rubbish, but at least I can work out that 4 miles is a properly long walk (in km :)) – well done! 🙂


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