Tools of the Trade

I thought I’d make a list of some of the things that make my journey a little easier.

  • My apps. I wouldn’t be running if it weren’t for cool apps like MapMyRun, FitBit, and Pandora. The one that really got me started was Couch-to-5K. It moved me from being a walker to a runner. I still use it on the treadmill to help me improve speed. Instead of “walking” and “jogging” I alternate slower jogs with faster runs.
  • Old Navy Active Wear. I have several of the “Compression Tanks” which I love. They are long enough and tight in the chest area but loose around the hips. I feel covered enough to be comfortable and they look good on me. I also like their compression pants, which are great running pants. (You need great running pants to avoid the chub-rub) When I first started running I was so depressed about buying clothes. It is almost impossible to find decent exercise clothes in plus sizes. My first running pants were from the men’s section. I hated it.
  • My rice cooker. I bought it for about $30. It cooks up to 8 cups of rice at a time, so I can prepare the whole week at once. Super easy. It has a nice steamer feature too.
  • My foods. I’m in love with single serves, especially Fage Greek Yogurt (that is so good I eat it plain) and Sabra Hummus. Both of these I buy by the case at the wholesale store.
  • My gym membership and my personal trainer. It is so important to have a place to go when the weather is bad. Also, my new gym is nice and clean and they don’t have any time limits on the treadmills. (My past two gyms both had 30 min limits, which drove me nuts.) Also, I started with a personal trainer recently, to start working on muscles besides running ones.
  • My blog. I love that I’ve gotten back into posting on a regular (or somewhat regular) basis. I have been blessed that there are even people out there reading it. It makes me feel that I’m not doing this alone.

3 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade

  1. You’re welcome!

    It (blogging) has the added benefit of not having any preconceptions either. As bloggers, we’re accepted at face value. I’ve ‘met’ a lot of wonderful people, and it’s been fun so far. 🙂


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