In Which Natural Peanut Butter Gets The Ax!

ImageMy usual afternoon snack is usually a 2 oz (single serve) of hummus and either sugar snap peas or carrots. This is what I eat on my commute home. It travels well, tastes delish, and gives me enough of a boost to get me from lunch (rice and beans) to dinner (protein and veg). Occasionally I would substitute natural peanut butter (the kind you have to stir) spread thinly on apple slices.

It’s that word “occasionally.” At first, occasionally was one or two times a week.  I was really spare with the peanut butter, knowing that while it was a good source of protein it was also super high in (healthy) fats. But it was such a great late afternoon pick-me-up that soon occasionally was two or three times a week. And sometimes it was in addition to the hummus. And sometimes it was more than a thin schmear on the apple.

You can buy peanut butter in single servings. Jif makes these 2 oz tubs that I buy for my daughter. Single serve is always better for me for anything, because I have difficulty with the weighing and the measuring and the counting. Blah! But I really only want to eat whole and natural foods, so I buy the jars of natural and try to keep things reasonable.

This week I realized that “occasionally” had really become “daily.” It was mid-week and I realized my routine had slightly altered to where I was counting on that peanut butter.  And that 2 tbs had really become 3 tbs. At the time I thought, “Well, let’s see how my weigh-in goes.” but as the week progressed I felt the urge to eat peanut butter get stronger and stronger.

And so that’s what decided it for me. It isn’t about if I gain or lose weight. (I actually lost this week) It is about the control that foods have on my life. When I feel a compulsion to eat, or the inability to stop after a normal serving, that is a food that needs to be cut out. That is the whole point of my cold-turkey regime. That is why it is working.

And that is why Natural Peanut Butter is on the “Do Not Eat” list, along with everything else. And the reason I’m writing this post is so that I’m committed to it and don’t go back on my word.


4 thoughts on “In Which Natural Peanut Butter Gets The Ax!

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