10 Reasons Why I Didn’t Run This Week

  1. Snow
  2. Freezing Temperatures
  3. Long Work Hours
  4. Walked more than 10,000 steps just for work (twice)
  5. More Snow
  6. Commuting sucks (especially when you get on the wrong train) (twice)
  7. Stress (this was the week many “things” hit the fan)
  8. My cat got sick (and we have to put him to sleep)
  9. Crying
  10. I just didn’t want to

I don’t like excuses, but some weeks are better than others. I walked 48,000 steps this week, kept to my eating program, and got up and went to work every day, no matter how crappy things got. So I’m giving myself a pass. I actually think the cold and snow was more of an influence than anything else. There were a few days that I just couldn’t face the gym, but I think a nice run in the dark around the lakes would have helped the stress and sadness of this very bad week.

Also, just so you know, some good things happened this week too. Lots of good things, mixed in with the bad. I couldn’t really celebrate them because of the crap-storm (and literal storms) coming down, but I tucked them into my heart to hold onto for later.


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