I’m in love with the “FU” Fairy!

I’m in love with the “FU” Fairy!
Note: I have no problem saying (or writing) the “cuss” words, but I want to keep this a clean blog, so please forgive my abreviation.

This article was in my FB feed. I love this article. Not just about saying “FU” (sometimes politely) to people who fat-shame, but to remember that we have the right to say “FU” (firmly, but without cussing) to anybody who has the temerity to overstep:

  • Is that all your eating? or Are you eating all that? –  FU
  • You’ll meet someone when you stop looking – FU
  • When are you going to have kids? –  FU (for my sister)
  • You look really tired. –  FU
  • Pretty much any sentence that starts with “You should…” and ends with unsolicited advice. –  FU
  • You should/shouldn’t give your child that medication. (usually related to behavior) –  FU
  • If that were my kid…. –  FU

I had a long conversation with my daughter last night. I don’t want her to wait until she’s thirty (or forty-something) to find her “FU” Fairy. She came up with a few of her own:

  • Anything talking about her genetalia. –  FU
  • How do you know you are gay? Aren’t you really bi? –  FU
  • “You would be beautiful if you lost a few pounds/changed your clothes, dressed more like a girl, etc. –  FU

I’m so proud!
When do you need your FU Fairy?


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