The REPLY that turned into a POST

So, I started writing a reply to a comment on my Oops post, but then the reply was so long I thought, maybe I should just write another post, so here it is.  Thanks, nuchtchas!nuchtchas comment1

I tell people to get rid of their scales all the time. But I want my scale, especially now. I’m doing something pretty drastic and I need to know how it is working. I need to track if I’m getting healthier. The scale is only one of the tools I use, but it is an important tool. I can’t track based on how I feel, because I’m constantly pushing myself with exercise which means some (or all) of my muscles are hurting at any given time.  In addition to my weight, I keep track of calories eaten vs calories burned, steps walked (fitbit), hours of sleep, and body measurements. Ideally I should track heart rate and blood pressure, but I don’t have any way to do that.


I might never have known I was sick last year if I hadn’t been weighing in every week. I was dieting and exercising like crazy, but gaining or staying the same.

For me, the scale is like checking the mileage on a car when you fill it up. If your average mileage unexpectedly drops it may mean there’s a problem with your engine.  I want to keep an eye on my weight because if I’m not losing or I’m gaining, chances are I’m doing something wrong. Likewise, if I start losing too fast, there may be a problem.

The problem (and the reason I wrote the Oops post) is because I put too much value on what the scale says. I’ve been trying to keep weigh ins to once ever two weeks, so I wasn’t due for a weigh-in.  Also, I had given myself permission to relax a little on the food side over the holidays, so weighing in the day after wasn’t my healthiest (sanest)  choice.

It’s kind of like a parent telling their teen “You can stay out as late as you want,” and then staying up waiting just to see what time they come home and yell at them if they are too late. (Okay, it’s not really like that, but that was the best analogy I could come up with.)

So, I’m keeping my scale, even though I’ll probably support your decision to chuck yours. But I’m trying to keep it as only one indicator of many. And not let my whole self-worth and value rest on what the scale says.


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