Have you seen this video?? You have to watch. At least once.  I’ve watched 3 or 4 times.

I could have title this post “Learning to Love Yourself by Taking Care of Yourself.” The thing about this video that I love is that she isn’t saying I’m worthy of love now that I lost weight but rather Now that I put this much effort into myself I realize I was worthy of love all along. I totally loved the end where she is dancing. And her final words aren’t I’m going to lose another # of pounds, but rather “I have to learn a lot of things and there is still more to go.”

I also love how much she is celebrating her achievement, not the number of pounds lost.  She lost 18 pounds in 100 days and 51 pounds in a year. This might seem painfully slow to someone who is focused on the pounds lost, but the whole point of this one is that the pounds don’t matter, it is the journey. It is the commitment to yourself to feel better, to feel stronger, to be healthier.

I love this woman. I love this video. She is so inspiring. I think I’m going to watch it again.


One Way

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