My Exercise Relationship: It’s Complicated

I have an on-again off-again relationship with exercise. I don’t think that’s unusual for people trying to get fit and healthy (note, I’m not saying get thin). My relationship started fairly recently (as in the past few years). The first time I lost over 100 lbs I did it mainly through diet, with very little exercise. I only added exercise during maintenance when I started to gain again, hoping to not become a regain-statistic.

Why does every cartoon of a fat woman running have to show her belly hanging out? I couldn't find one properly dressed!

Why does every cartoon of a fat woman running have to show her belly hanging out? I couldn’t find one properly dressed!

This time around, with more than a hundred-thirty pounds to go, and an added decade, I figured I would need to throw more activity into my progress. And thus I began flirting with exercise. I have issues with my ankles and my back, so I seriously needed to take things slow. It started with walking, slowly increasing my pace and distance. I started with a treadmill, but really enjoyed getting out and about.

As I walked more and more I felt myself getting stronger. My legs felt better. My back felt better. I felt younger. It didn’t have much impact on my weight loss, but I focused on food for that and made very slow progress. For a while. Then I wasn’t losing anything and after I while I realized I wanted more.

I come from a running family. Most of my siblings run. I have a niece who got a running scholarship and a sister who is a track coach. My mother is in nearly seventy and runs one or more 5k a month, frequently winning her age group. I was the oddball sedentary one, so when it came time to take it up a notch, of course I went the running route.

I started with a Couch to 5K app on my phone and advice from family members of how to run safely, minding my medical conditions. And I pushed through the minor pain and got up to where I could run 2 -3 miles. You can go back through my twitter feed to track my progress. (@fatnfory) Some weeks/months I’m so gung-ho. Other weeks/months I’m a no-show.  It’s the typical on again, off again relationship. I know I feel better when I exercise regularly.  But sometimes it is just to hard to do it.

I’ve added a new person into the relationship. I actually hired a personal trainer through my gym. I do a half-hour once a week, with my mom (the super-woman). Running is good, but I think I need to diversify.  It has only been a few weeks. We had some trouble with trainers leaving, but I think we have one now that will stick around.


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