And I will Walk 500 Miles and I will Walk 500 More…


2,052,992 steps in 2013

Thanks to my fitbit (which I got last Christmas) I have a pretty good overview of my activity this year. I was pretty religious about wearing the fitbit every day. There were a few days I missed, of course, but overall, it has been a part of my wardrobe, whether I was exercising, working, or lazing about.

The fitbit was a huge part of my recovery last February. There were days that I could only walk 200 or 500 steps. Each day I kept track and pushed just a little farther. My best day was Sept 26. I walk/ran 20,302 steps that day (just under 10 miles).

Knowing that I had the fitbit on made me more likely to park at the back of the parking lot, for those extra 40 steps. If I saw I was close to my daily goal, I might do an extra walk around the block. I’m not consistent in my exercise, but I did feel the psychological push to get back to it because I knew I was tracking it.

keywest mapIn 2013 I walked 2,052,992 steps according to my fitbit. I’m calling this my baseline. I’m not saying this number is good or bad. It is just a number. A starting point. 2014 seems like a good time to set a goal, so I’m setting a fitbit goal for myself. I want to walk/run more than 3,000,000 steps this year.

That is about 1,400 miles, or the roughly equivalent of walking from my house to Key West, Florida. Or to Texarcana, TX. Or Fargo, ND.  Or to go from Paris, France to Rome, Italy. It would take between 25 and 30 hours to drive 1,400 miles. Or I could take the high speed train in China and do it in 8 hours. (I have this weird number thing. Sorry!)

I think it is doable. It means I have to do at least 8,000 steps for 300 of the 365 days. It is a big jump from my 2013 number (50% more, in fact), but I’m not planning on having surgery and being out of commission for 6 weeks. And I want something that will push me all year long. I’ll try to post once a month my progress and how close I get to my goal.


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