My Donut Life

WARNING: this post has graphic descriptions of food. Don’t read if this is a trigger for you!




Ever since the “muffin fiasco” a few weeks ago I’ve been craving a donut from Dunkin Donuts. Maybe the day before thanksgiving isn’t the right day to indulge but I really wanted one, and I have an hour to kill, so I decided to get one. I probably should have planned better, having a light breakfast or something, but I didn’t, so I have a choice: Use some of my weekly points or figure out a low point dinner. In light of tomorrow’s food-centric holiday, I’m opting for the low points dinner. Any suggestions?

Having made up my mind to do this, I really enjoyed my donut. My favorite one is a blueberry cake donut. I know some people like the kind with icing and others like cream or jelly filled, but not me. Those are too sweet for my “tooths.” The blueberry is cakey (is that a word?) on the inside with a light glaze on the outside. I like to take a bite of donut and then a swig of coffee, letting the flavors mix in my mouth. Of course I’m drinking decaf these days, but the effect is still quite satisfying.

So why this almost pornographic description of my sweet indulgence? Because the words of a fellow traveler at my last Weight Watchers meeting is stuck in my head. I was talking about eating the food I really want rather than doing what I call “eating around the problem.” That’s when you eat a bunch of healthy choices but don’t quite satisfy. She said, “but can you actually lose weight that way?”

In previous weeks the answer was “I have been” but this week is a bigger test. Can I indulge and lose weight on a week that has one of the most anti-healthy eating holidays of the year?  And I think that is why I chose today to do this! Because if this is going to be a viable program for me it needs to work this way. I’m testing my hypothesis. Wish me luck. I going to need something!


One thought on “My Donut Life

  1. Perhaps not the best week to test your hypothesis. I hope you found a light meal, but 1 donut is much better than 1 muffin, even a fat free one.

    I think if we outlaw any foods then it’s a diet, but when we realize that we can eat what we want with moderation and balance with what else we are eating then we have changed our diet and are living healthy.


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