Read This!

First, read this article. I’ll wait:
Fat? Who Cares!



No, go back and read the whole thing. It’s worth it!



Can you believe she wrote, “people who are heavier tend to survive longer than thinner people with the same disease.” Also, “it’s much more likely that being sedentary, not being fat, is the real problem.” I’m no medical expert, but there does seem to be a logic to this.

But here’s the thing: I agree with everything in this article. And yet, I’m still going to try to lose weight. I have my reasons and a big one is I don’t want to be sedentary. At this weight, even walking is tough. My ankle is always hurting and it makes not want to move. But I think I’m going to read this article a lot more times until I start to believe it.


One thought on “Read This!

  1. Yeah she is right, Diets are not good for you, but changing eating habits are. Eating when hungry is good. Movement is good. Also, I like being part of the 35 percent of healthy fatties, I feel myself moving towards the 65 percent that aren’t, I don’t want to be there

    so yeah, the article is right, I agree, and I am making sure I eat 41 points a day and don’t let my tummy tumble


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