The Food Scrooge

(This is just clip art - my soup looked very different)

I’m pretty easy-going as a restaurant patron. I tip well, give the wait staff and cooks the benefit of the doubt, and rarely send food back. At the hibachi a few weeks ago I ordered brown rice and they forgot and gave me the fried. After the guy put so much energy into cooking it in front of me, I told the waitress not to worry and just ate it.

But here’s what I see happening as I work on weight watchers (and it is work, no matter how happy the girls in the ad look): I’m becoming a picky eater – or at least pickier… We went out tonight and I had goulash soup in a bread bowl. It wasn’t the lowest point item on the menu, but it sounded wonderful and soup usually fills me up nicely. And the goulash was fantastic. Out of this world delish! but the bread bowl was burnt. So I ate the cup of soup (not much soup fits in a bread bowl, really) and some of the soft bread inside, but I couldn’t eat the burned bread.

I didn’t complain. I just left the meal hungry. Going out to dinner I never leave hungry. This is a new experience and kind of a downer. I enjoyed the company, but felt very frustrated. So I came home and looked through my pantry and fridge and came up with a good solution. I steamed a bag of frozen veggies and put two spoonfuls of queso con salsa. Rich in taste, low in points. Now my stomach isn’t grumbling and I’m feeling better about the whole thing. I mean the soup was really really good. And I’m relieved that I didn’t eat the bread, because usually I would eat it, even if I didn’t like it. And maybe I need to be more of a Food Scrooge.


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