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Fat? Who Cares!



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Can you believe she wrote, “people who are heavier tend to survive longer than thinner people with the same disease.” Also, “it’s much more likely that being sedentary, not being fat, is the real problem.” I’m no medical expert, but there does seem to be a logic to this.

But here’s the thing: I agree with everything in this article. And yet, I’m still going to try to lose weight. I have my reasons and a big one is I don’t want to be sedentary. At this weight, even walking is tough. My ankle is always hurting and it makes not want to move. But I think I’m going to read this article a lot more times until I start to believe it.


The Butter Battle

I don’t buy butter. In my house you will always find Pam Spray, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and some form of light, low fat, yellow spread. But never butter. Even when I’m on a binging rampage I can’t quite bring myself to eat butter.

When I go out, it is a different story. Restaurants rarely have low fat butter-like spreads. Since “real” margarine is the same calories as butter, when I eat out I eat butter. It is better when you get to put on the butter yourself, because when someone else does it invariably means 2″ of butter on the left and dry toast on the right.

This morning I was running late so I grabbed a butter roll at 7-11 for the drive. I gamely used my fingers to wipe off what must have been 4 Tbs of butter, leaving only a thin sheen on my roll. It was delicious!

Wednesdays are my loooooong day. I leave the house at 6 am and don’t get home until after 9:30 pm. I do have a chance to stop for dinner. Sometimes I have a gyro (16 points) but lately I’ve been having eggs for dinner. I eat half the hash browns and butter my own toast. The whole dinner is about 20. I had plenty of points left but I felt weird because I already ate butter today. I really thought about it before I ordered and this is what I came up with: English Muffin (dry) with a slice of mozzarella cheese. The points worked out almost the same. Maybe the muffin is a point less but this was a giant English muffin so I don’t think so. But I felt better eating the cheese: – a protein instead of a fat
– a food instead of a condiment
– something which added flavor to the meal
– something of substance

In the past I would have eaten the toast DRY. But I would have felt deprived. That’s what someone on a diet does. With the cheese it felt like a treat, not a diet. A decision I could both enjoy and be proud of. If I’m going to stick with this long term, I need to make these kinds of decisions. Not just eat the lowest point foods I can find.

So here I am, week 4 of Weight Watchers and I’m still here. Maybe I can do this. Not like before, different.


The Food Scrooge

(This is just clip art - my soup looked very different)

I’m pretty easy-going as a restaurant patron. I tip well, give the wait staff and cooks the benefit of the doubt, and rarely send food back. At the hibachi a few weeks ago I ordered brown rice and they forgot and gave me the fried. After the guy put so much energy into cooking it in front of me, I told the waitress not to worry and just ate it.

But here’s what I see happening as I work on weight watchers (and it is work, no matter how happy the girls in the ad look): I’m becoming a picky eater – or at least pickier… We went out tonight and I had goulash soup in a bread bowl. It wasn’t the lowest point item on the menu, but it sounded wonderful and soup usually fills me up nicely. And the goulash was fantastic. Out of this world delish! but the bread bowl was burnt. So I ate the cup of soup (not much soup fits in a bread bowl, really) and some of the soft bread inside, but I couldn’t eat the burned bread.

I didn’t complain. I just left the meal hungry. Going out to dinner I never leave hungry. This is a new experience and kind of a downer. I enjoyed the company, but felt very frustrated. So I came home and looked through my pantry and fridge and came up with a good solution. I steamed a bag of frozen veggies and put two spoonfuls of queso con salsa. Rich in taste, low in points. Now my stomach isn’t grumbling and I’m feeling better about the whole thing. I mean the soup was really really good. And I’m relieved that I didn’t eat the bread, because usually I would eat it, even if I didn’t like it. And maybe I need to be more of a Food Scrooge.