Setting Goals

Where has the time gone? My last post was about coming up with a New Years’ Resolution. Well, New Years has come and gone and what have I been doing? Well, not blogging, I’ll tell you that.

Here are some of the things that have kept me busy since my last post:

  • Christmas Win (this year)
  • New Years Eve – went to a party with my brother.  Big Win this took a lot more nerve than you might think
  • Epiphany – major holiday in my family and soo much fun Soo Much Win
  • 5 trips to Baltimore in as many weeks Business Win, Personal Fail
  • Winning major fight with my daughter’s school Parenting Win and you know how rare those are
  • Watching the first season of Dollhouse Time Management Fail, but Fun
  • Reading Roots by Alex Haley among Intellectual Win (most of what I read is trivial fiction)
  • Meeting two writing deadlines  Business Win, Time Management Win
  • Three major winter storms Mood Swing Fail
  • Eating Gluten Free for almost ten days Stupid diet Fail
  • Lost power twice Man vs Nature Fail
  • Didn’t bounce any checks Financial Win
  • Driving my car into a snow bank, got stuck for four hours, and tore out my car’s exhaust system Ziggy Fail
  • Paying the wrong landscape company $150 Financial Fail
  • Buying a New Pocketbook Style Fail (sooooo much Fail)
  • Using a cane to walk for two weeks.  Health Fail Not using the cane anymore. Relief Win
  • Start taking guitar lessons Lost Youth Win
  • Rereading an old twitter post that says I want to run 5K before I turn 45 Setting Goals Fail
  • Realizing I’m turning 45 in less than 2 months. Chronology Fail

Gulp! I set that goal when I got the treadmill in my house. I’m happy to say the treadmill does not have any laundry on it at all. I’m sorry to say the cats use it more than I do.

I spent two weeks walking with a cane recently and I’m not sure that running 5k is a reasonable goal. Having said that, I’m feeling older than I am and I want to do something positive for myself. So, since I never set any resolutions back in January, I’ve decided to make three February resolutions:

  1. In 2011 I will walk two times per week or more. Any length walk will count because I tend to hurt myself when I overdo it.
  2. In 2011 I will enter some type of race or walkathon or public event to celebrate my new activity.
  3. In 2011 I will continue to blog about my life, paying more attention to the Wins than the Fails.

Does it seem like I’m being to easy on myself? Considering where I’m starting it feels like climbing Mt. Everest to me. The old me, the stronger me, would have come up with better resolutions, but really all I want to do is be able to walk a mile without having to stop for breath and feel my body move in a positive way.

Well, Happy Belated New Years, anyway.