The Pants Thing

Here’s a fun thought. You wake up (too late) and realize you never did your laundry. You should have left the house 10 minutes ago, but all your “business” clothes are strewn on the floor and in no condition for wearing. Quick, what do you do. 20 lbs ago I would have sprayed febreeze on a pair of over-ripe pants, swung an iron over them, and hoped for the best. That, or made my silky black sweats “pass” for a pair of real pants.

Today, I had another option. I opened the left side of my closet. The side reserved for clothes that don’t quite fit but that someday, hopefully, I will. (This is not to be confused with the box of clothes that don’t come close to fitting and that only those living on the water of “da-nile” could ever think will someday fit).

I scrolled through the possibilities and found a pair of pants that I remember fitting me last fall. Quick mental math (I gained 30 pounds this past year, but now have lost 20 pounds) and gave them a try. Lo! and Behold! the pants fit. I was able to wear them — comfortably — and was out of the house in 20 minutes. (Someday, if you are lucky, I will write about my quick-change abilities) I was afraid, by the end of the day that I would be uncomfortable, but I really wasn’t. The truth is, the pants fit.

Now I can look at the left side of the closet with eager anticipation. 10 more pounds for that skirt. 20 more pounds and that dress will fit. My thoughts wander occasionally to the box in the back of the closet, but since I’m all about realistic possibilities these days, I try very very hard to focus on those that are close (clothes) within my reach.

Hasta la pasta!


One thought on “The Pants Thing

  1. that is awesome news!

    Not the same thing, but today I HAD to run my jeans through the sewing machine to take them in at the waist because they kept falling off my hips as I got in and out of the car and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Now that’s not a whole size down or back to last fall like you, but I was pretty darn impressed with myself. Also, jeans that fit just right are better then cashmere.


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