My (diet) coke habit…

I have been too busy to blog lately. Sadly this has caused my blog to languish. Tonight, however, I’m rendering videos for an important presentation tomorrow, so I thought I’d spend the time I wish I could be sleeping typing my little musings. Thus….

I admit it. I have a (diet) coke habit. Once it was out of control, with me drinking 2 or more liters of Coke™ a day. A few years ago I got my habit somewhat in check by switching to seltzer. They say the easiest way to break a bad habit is to replace it with another habit, which is why quitting coke was easier than quitting smoking… (I still long for a drag sometimes when I walk by someone smoking). I still get my requisite caffeine in the 20 oz of coffee I down each morning, but I personally believe coffee is healthier than diet soda. In fact, if you read the side of a can of diet soda it reads like the poison shelf in Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. Besides, doesn’t it feel a little silly to drink “diet soda” while downing a cheeseburger and fries?

And don’t talk to a Diet Coke drinker about switching to regular Coke. It isn’t a diet thing, it is a taste thing. My sister won’t even drink Diet Pepsi if Diet Coke isn’t available. I’m not that much of a purist — I’ll drink Diet Pepsi if that is all there is. Sometimes I like other diet sodas, such as Fresca, Diet Dr. Pepper, and regular (not diet!) ginger ale.

—- one video rendered, 4 to go, if you are counting —-

So, I’m mostly off the coke, these days, but occasionally there is a backslide. Tonight, having to stay up working on videos all night seemed like the perfect night to “do coke.” But the powers-that-be didn’t make it too easy for me. I’m staying in a hotel, so I ordered delivery to my room. There is a menu slipped under the door when I arrive and it looks good. I call and add three (Yes! 3!) cans of coke to my order…. Ok – the truth is I asked for a 2-liter, but when they said they didn’t have that I switched for the three cans. : )

45 minutes later my food comes and I pay. Only after the delivery girl gives me the bag do I realize it is too small and too light to hold 3 cans of soda. I call her back before she gets on the elevator.

“You forgot my sodas!” I say.

“Oh,” she replies, patting her very pregnant stomach. “I totally forgot. I’ll run down and get them.”

“No problem,” I say. First, you can’t get mad at a pregnant girl, especially when she looks about 14 years old. Second, she made it sound like she was running down to the car and would be right back.

I think about waiting until she gets back before eating, but the food won’t taste as good if it gets cold. So I dig in and wait… and wait.. and wait…  15 minutes later I figure she must have had to run back to the restaurant to get the sodas. The restaurant is close so how long could it take? Did I mention I gave a really good tip?

40 minutes later my food is gone and I’m really, really thirsty. I call the restaurant.

“Oh yeah,” they guy says who answers the phone. “She told me about it. She’s on her way back but there is traffic on the I-9. She’ll be there soon.”  Traffic? How far is this restaurant?

—- two videos rendered, sleep is in sight  —-

I drink some tap water (yuck!) just to deal and wait some more. But now I’m working and my mind keeps wandering to those cold cans of coke that are.. should be… might be coming. I can’t take it any more! I grab a sweater, my room key, and my wallet and pad down the hallway to the vending machines. I use $2 to buy two ice-cold cans of coke. And promptly drop one. It rolls under the machine. So now my coke addiction has my crawling on the floor of a hotel lobby to scrounge up the wandering can.

When I get back to my room I expect the can will burst upon opening, so I open it over the sink. I’m pleasantly surprised when it opens perfectly and finally, after much delay, I am drinking the sweet elixir. And it tastes every bit as good as I think it is going to. I drink the whole can in about 10 seconds.

—- OK this video has said 1 minute remaining for about 10 minutes!! —-

I don’t even wait before I open the second can. It, of course, bursts all over me and the bed. sigh. I don’t care. I’m just happy to be toking my coke. Not even feeling a little guilty. Well, a little guilty, because here I am writing about it.

So, I guess you are wondering if I ever got my 3 cans from the restaurant. Surprisingly I did. About 2 1/2 hours after the food was originally delivered. That must have been a hell of a lot of traffic! I thought about saying something very sarcastic to the delivery girl. Something like, “This isn’t a lot of use to me 3 hours after eating,” or “Do you think I can get my tip back?” but since she was still very pregnant and very young, and I was perfectly happy to have three — yes three— more sodas for my all-nighter, I said nothing. She apologized. I accepted and took my booty.

And that is all I have to say about my coke habit.

—- yeah, I have to re-render all the videos. I had the check-box for “sound” unchecked. Grrr! —-