Aerodynamically Curvaceous


My sis rocks her curves!

My sister showed up (from Canada) wearing a shirt that says “Aerodynamically Curvaceous.” I love it. I’m filing this with terms like Volumptuous, which celebrate rather than denigrate the fuller figure. At this point, even my FA blogs are starting to get depressing because everywhere in society it seems we have to fight who we are and feel bad about it at the same time.

I went to the doctor recently and she wouldn’t give me more than 6 months of my birth control. Apparently I’m over forty and overweight so I’m at risk for heart disease. Do I have high blood pressure? No, actually my blood pressure is on the very low side. Do I have high cholesterol? Nope, try again! My good cholesterol is right in range and my bad cholesterol is very low. Do I have any tangible, measurable health risks other than my weight (and now my age?). ENGK, wrong again. Thanks so much for playing. I was kind of bummed, because I like this doctor, or at least I did before all this.

I’m not the first blogger to post about the medical professions one dimension of health diagnosis, but like everything else, it feels differently when it happens to you. So when I saw the tee-shirt, I got to make a mental head-shake to clear out the negativity. I’m looking for the positive around me. Maybe I’ll get a tee shirt that says “Volumptuous!”


3 thoughts on “Aerodynamically Curvaceous

  1. You should SO get a t-shirt that says Voluptuous! I love it! Your sister is beautiful! I love her shirt!! Work it! Doctors can be a necessary pain, can’t they?


  2. I swear doctors are sometimes the most ignorant people out there! grr to them! One of my healthiest friends (cholesterol, blood pressure etc wise) is also one of my largest friends, sure she is overweight but she’s healthy and that’s what should matter. Sadly, people can’t see in to your arteries to see how healthy you are so they feel they can judge based on your outside. *rolls eyes* I say celebrate being volumptuous; the more we curvy women embrace how we look (and show it) maybe the quicker society will embrace our looks too?
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog (twice!) I really appreciate hearing what people think. 🙂


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