Take care of yourself

One of my favorite blogs, Medicinal Marzipan, re-posted Danielle LaPorte’s Permission slip from the universe. It is awesome! Here are some of my favorites:

You have permission to:

  • Give birthday gifts anytime of the year (which means you can be late or early and you can give yourself time to find just the right gift.)
  • Tell your kids when you think that something an authority figure told them is bullshit (you need to be in solidarity with your child, not the so-called grown ups.)
  • be broke AND generous
  • charge what you’re worth

There are many more, so read the article and find your favorites. In my comments I added a few permission slips of my own:

  • Say “no” when you need to say “no” and not feel guilty
  • Leave the dishes in the sink
  • Buy something for yourself instead of just for the children

It is something that, as a woman and a mother, I struggle with a lot: The need to please (or impress) everyone but myself. Of course I need to put my daughters needs before my own, right? Except that, as I look back at my life, I’m better able to care for her when I feel cared for. And quite frankly, if I don’t take care of myself, who will?

And it isn’t just my child that I put first. My whole family, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews… employees, clients, business partners… teachers at my kids school… fellow parishioners… the guy behind me at the supermarket… seriously, sometimes it feels like everyone comes before me. When I see someone acting particularly selfish in real life I often feel both angry (what gives them the right to be so selfish) and also a little jealous because I never really do anything selfish, as in for myself.

I’m such a work in progress, I guess. So what permission slips do you need to write for yourself?


4 thoughts on “Take care of yourself

  1. I liked all of the ones you posted! So true! It is important to do things for ourselves. I’ve read a decent, fair amount on how to improve low self-esteem and that’s something everyone says, do something for YOU. But it is hard, isn’t it? It sometimes makes me feel bad … so I need a permission slip to …
    Leave the cat food around the cat bowl. It’s OK. It won’t hurt anything.
    Not feel the need to keep the kitchen counters perfectly clear.

    We are all a giant work in progress!


  2. I love the idea of solidarity with your child. I don’t have children; just a stepson and a nephew. But I am very close to them and always find myself standing up with them against everyone else. I feel kind of guilty when I do this, however. So now I won’t feel so guilty. Kids really do need to feel like you are in their court. Adolescence is lonely enough as it is. Become their advocate!


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