Exercise can be Exhausting…

My goal for week one was to set up a diet I could live with and work into my schedule. I feel fairly successful so far… I mean the tools are there and it is just up to me to use them.

My goal for week two (this week) is to start working exercise into my schedule. This has been a little bit more of a struggle, and for me, exercise will always be the bigger challenge. For one thing, I really don’t like any kinds of exercise. I don’t like sports, working out, or pretty much anything that falls into that category.

I come from a running family, so this fact has always particularly set me apart. My mother, 22 years older than me (and more than 100 pounds lighter) runs every day and races two or more times every month. My sisters run. My brothers run. My brothers-in-law run. They run for fun. They run competitively. They know what their PB (personal best time) is. My niece got a track scholarship to college. Me, I have trouble walking without falling down.

Every once-in-a-while I try running. I really try. I build myself up. I work at it. I never, ever like it. I mean never. So then I think, maybe I should try something else besides running, but honestly, I don’t like any other exercises any better than running.

I’m going to try running again, of course, because it really is the least objectionable, but I have bad ankles so I don’t want to just head out to the road. I have a brother who keeps promising to bring over a treadmill that belongs to one of my sisters, but so far “tomorrow” hasn’t come yet. In the meantime, I’m borrowing a Wii-Fit and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum from my mother. At least it is something…

First, the Wii-Fit. I’ve tried this once or twice before and it didn’t seem like real exercise, but I thought some of the yoga and strength exercises would be good for my ankles, and it has to be better than what I’m doing now (nothing)! Well, you can’t just exercise. First the doodad has to put you through a fitness test, or, as I like to call it, abject humiliation. The first slap is when it checked my BMI and then I watched my Mii (avatar) blow up and look at its belly in surprise as a voice bellowed, “You’re obese!” Well, thanks, I didn’t know that. Then, it weighed me. It was 20 pounds low, but I think that is because I put the balance board on a rug. Next it wanted me to balance my weight which was, well, ridiculous. The final blow… It calculated my Wii Fit Age as 58. Ok, I’m 44. That sucks!

So after this punch in the gut, they want you to do these exercise. I really did badly then. I thought I was following the instructions, but it kept rating me as very low. About halfway through the workout I realized I had the balance board backward. When I turned the board around, things worked a little better. I did about 20 minutes of “exercise” and then decided to try out the Jillian Michaels game.

Well this was a disaster. There weren’t very clear instructions and after about 3 minutes I wanted to punch her square in the face. Whatever I was doing, wasn’t what she wanted me to be doing. She kept yelling at me, “You came to me!” over the crash of waves and chirping of birds. I gave up after about five minutes. I’ll probably give it another try at some point, but if I need anyone to yell at me, I can always ask my teenage daughter.

Overall, I am exhausted, but not from the actual exercise. Just from everything it took to get the equipment, set it up, and figure out what I was doing. I probably got more exercise running up and down the stairs for fresh batteries (first for the board and five minutes later for the controller) then I did on the actual exercise games, but at least I can say I tried.

Just call me a Wii-tard today.


7 thoughts on “Exercise can be Exhausting…

  1. I refuse to do the Jillian Michaels for that very reason! I don’t need anyone yelling at me or making me feel bad about myself. I highly recommend the wiifit plus game, changes everything and feels more like real exercise. It has step and rhythm boxing and even rhythm karate.

    Still I think you should try this podcast http://junkiemaeschopshop.com/__buffrdq/ the first show (which you do for two weeks) is only about 16 minutes but has the caloric burn rate of almost twice that because it is cardio and strength. You never do anything for longer then 30 seconds and most of the exercises aren’t hard, though I did have to look up one of the exercises because I didn’t know what a clam was. It is a crunch where you have your knees try and meet your elbows as you crunch so you are crunching both ends… hmm that doesn’t sound so good, but it is good I swear.

    I also HATE to run. Heck I have done races and I am still proud I did a half marathon but I hated it ever step of the way, and most of the time I am not running, I am walking. Running is very hard on your knees and for you your ankles, so why put the strain on when you can get as much of a workout from walking? I still hate it, every step of the way.


  2. I had to approve your comment because I have it set to moderate any comment that has a weblink. I’ll give the podcast a try, and if I stick with Wii Fit for more than a few days I may upgrade to Wii Fit Plus.

    I will most likely use the treadmill (if I ever get it) to walk first, but when I say I fall while walking, that isn’t hyperbole, I took a really bad spill recently walking into a school. Exercise on the open road worries me, at least until I get stronger. At least with a treadmill I can grab onto something if I start to go down.


    • Trust me I understand the falling just by walking, remember I am the person who can hurt herself, knock over expensive computer gear and spill something all in a ten minute call!

      Don’t hold your breath about getting the treadmill, tomorrow may not come for a year.

      BTW my wiifit still misses you and asks about you, while it may not be nice when it puts us on the scale it does miss you.


  3. A Wii-Tard…..that was awesome! Ha Ha!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me pointers about goals. I have never been one to create specific short term goals when it came to eating healthy and exercise. Most of my life I have been thin and muscular and active. I never had to try to lose to weight until I reached about 25 and above. LOL! I am 32 now. I am a runner. I did the cross country and track in my younger years and continued to run years after. I have done 2 marathons (the most recent being in 2007). But as I get older, running is not as important to me anymore. I kind of want to save my joints and knees. I don’t want problems to happen because of running. So I opt now for more friendly things to do such as the elliptical and stair climber and walking and intervall running. Just to do differerent things and not get bored. I do have one goal in my head and that is to get a bike. A nice bike so that I can occassionally take it out on the weekend to the park trails and what not.

    Good job on trying to figure out the Wii. LOL! I don’t want anymore technology in my life. I have to get out of the house to get my activity in. Being in the house just makes me lazy. Ha Ha! Plus I don’t want some 120 pound celebrity yelling at me. That was too funny your descriptions.

    Anyhow….good luck on your journey. I am going to put you on my blogroll so that I can follow your progress! I am also going to start thinking about short term goals that I can make along the way to ultimately get to my long term goal of dropping 60 pounds! 🙂 My husband and I are doing this together. Before we were married, we were both super active and went to the gym together every single day after work. So, we are getting back into that groove again. We both agree that we have become Chubs and that we need to be serious again. We have to work for it!


  4. I agree about the Wii. I’ve got Wii Fit Plus and it sounds like it’s a little less vocal and judgmental about one’s weight. It just whispered “That’s obese!” when I reached that milestone during my last pregnancy. However, it is not fun watching my Mii expand every time it illustrates my BMI.

    That said, it has been helpful, especially since I can’t always exercise outside because it’s too hot (for either me or the baby) or when it’s just me and the baby (who is still too little for the jogging stroller). As a former runner myself, I do the free run — jogging in place for a set number of minutes — and watch TV at the same time. It’s not like running outside, which is a lot harder, but it is better than nothing.


  5. I just need to do something, and this (for now) is better than nothing. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I’m glad people are reading my blog!!


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